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Phone: 848.203.3742 Ext. 102

Ms. Joyel Furges

Ms. Furges has 22 years of educational experience that is rooted in coaching, education, and leadership. She has worked in public education as a Science Teacher, Climate and Culture Specialist, Academic Interventionist and Vice-Principal.

She is a student-focused educational leader possessing a strong commitment to the development of students, staff, and providing a stimulating, safe and motivating learning environment. Ms. Furges is a dynamic visionary and a team player with a proven track record of collaborating with the school community, increasing student achievement, and maintaining excellence in education. She is a trustworthy professional with superior communication skills, who has developed strong and lasting relationships with all members of the school community.

Ms. Furges is committed to embracing the positive traditions and practices that are already in place while working diligently to ensure success for all scholars.